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Equity Trade Manager
Boston, MA


Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, Osten Taylor now lives in the South End of Boston. He is currently employed as an equity trade manager with an investment management company. He previously worked as a salesman, construction worker and waiter. Taylor attended the Thompson School of Applied Science where he received an Associates Degree in Business Management and went on to study resource economics at the University of New Hampshire.

His favorite hobbies are boozing with the fellas from UNH & The Braintree Boyz in Bean-Town, fitness training and golfing. He describes himself as outspoken, personable and focused. He is most proud of having worked on Wall Street, which was a childhood goal. His favorite sport is basketball.

His father is his hero because he was able to put himself through college and graduate school, graduating Magna Cum Laude, while supporting two kids.

He feels he's ready for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his mental stability, patience, wisdom, resourcefulness and God's blessing. His birth date is December 10, 1975.

Photo, Biography, and Favorites courtesy CBS



Colors: Black, white
Scents: Women's perfume
Flowers: Rose
Board Games: Monopoly
Video Games: John Madden's NFL for Playstation
Sports to Play: Basketball, golf
Sports Teams: Celtics, Red Sox
Outdoor Activities: Boozing & fishing, tanning
TV Shows: The Sopranos
Movies: Top Gun, The Matrix
Actors: Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Robert De Niro
Actresses: Carrie-Anne Moss, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Hurley
Music: Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Slim Shady, Busta Rhymes
Magazines: Men's Health, Maxim, Improper Bostonian
Books/Authors: Nicolo Machiavelli
Cereals: No favorite
Fruits: Banana, melon, grapes, pineapple
Snack Foods: Wow potato chips
Cookies: Chocolate chip
Candy Bars: No favorite
Alcoholic Drinks: Captain Morgan rum & Sprite, Belvedere vodka & cranberry juice
Non-Alcoholic: Cran-Raspberry


Photos courtesy Survivor Phoenix

Let us discuss Osten Taylor

(My little disclaimer: As with all Survivor profiles, I am totally making all this stuff up as if I actually have a clue. I do not in any way know any of these survivors. However, I've received many emails from past Survivors complimenting me on my insight. So, although I make this crap up, sometimes I'm actually right.)

Osten is a bit of a contradiction. He comes across laid back but fun; a bit of a slacker but with ambition; intelligent/educated but with a hint of ghetto. And he seems to be a natural leader but with the ability to let others shine.

In other words, he doesn't need to be the center of attention but can be and often is without much of an effort.

Will he be able to handle the supreme confidence, talent, and intelligence of his tribemate Andrew? Will Osten be able to be subserviant if it means he'll stay on the island longer?

I'm not sure of the answer to this one. Osten could go either way depending on who he befriends first.

I have a few concerns about him, though. He's worked several jobs, none of which requre a degree. It says he has an Associates Degree and "went on to study..." This means that he went to college and dropped out (or flunked out) before he was able to graduate. He likes boozing with the fellas and working out.

My concern is I wonder if he will have the drive to day-in-and-day-out work on the shelter and obtain food. My gut feeling is that he will work hard for a while, but be very willing to take a break if the option comes up. And he may have a problem with people he doesn't respect bossing him around.

So, yes, I have some concerns. Plus, his mention of "God's blessing" gave me flashbacks of Vecepia, Super-Annoying-Religous-Idiot-Woman who didn't like the immunity idol, and Sean who held hands with Peter in the water and cried and praised God and had a revival meeting while everyone else was just sort of embarrassed for him.

Overall, though, Osten comes across extremely likeable with a lot of good qualities and diverse interests. All the negative stuff I've said are just possibilities. The positive things exist without question.

I'm going to have to add to this profile as the show goes on because our buddy Osten is a bit unpredictable at this time. I welcome any thoughts or comments or any extra information you may have.


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