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LetusPonder Columns

10/18/05 The Ten Commandments - What They SHOULD Be

12/27 Do You REALLY Want World Peace?

10/15 Support Ribbon Overload Awareness

7/18 The Ultimate Guide to Kissing - Part 2: The First Kiss
(Pure romance - the best lesson you may ever receive)

7/7 Part 1: The Bad Ways to Kiss
(A humorous exploration into all the different ways people kiss badly)

4/19 Do You Truly
Get Over Your First Love?

3/1 Which Drunk are You?

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Forever Slim: How to Achieve and Maintain Your Natural and Ideal Weight (3 part article)

Part 1: 25 Characteristics of Healthy, Naturally Thin People
Dr. Tanya Zilberter and I came up with a list of behaviors and characteristics of healthy, naturally thin people. These are the foundation of the Forever Slim CD.

Part 2: Understanding the Mind - 3 Keys to being Naturally Thin
This article details three characteristics of the mind that, once known, will help you more effectively apply the suggestions given in the many articles and books about weight loss and dieting, thus allowing you to take those and more easily modify your behaviors to achieve your desired results.

Part 3: How to Instill Permanent Positive Behaviors in Your Mind
This article explains how to achieve the relaxed, self-hypnotic state so that it's easier for you to become a healthy, naturally thin person. This also details the various techniques behind guided meditation and hypnosis tapes and CDs.

Positive Affirmations and Hypnotic Suggestions
These are the actual positive affirmations and hypnotic suggestions that were layered on top of the Forever Slim weight loss hypnosis CD using a second female voice.

Freedom to Fly CD cover Freedom to Fly Transcript
by Rob Daugherty
This is the actual transcript of the "Freedom to Fly" Whole-Mind Hypnosis/Guided Meditation CD.

Corridors to Creativity CD cover Corridors to Creativity Transcript
by Rob Daugherty
This is the actual transcript of the "Corridors to Creativity" Whole-Mind Hypnosis/Guided Meditation CD

The Forever Slim transcript is available only to those who purchase the CD.

REVIEW: Whole-Mind Advanced Hypnosis and Guided Imagery CDs
by Florence Cardinal
This is a review by Florence Cardinal, the guide for Sleep Disorders.

Corridors to Creativity Companion Article
by Rob Daugherty
This is the companion article to the Whole-Mind Advanced Hypnosis and Guided Imagery CD called Corridors to Creativity. This article contains many tips for writers to break through writer's block and be more productive. The CD was created to reinforce all the ideas discussed in this article (in addition to many other positive qualities of writing). Reading this article before and after listening to the CD will cement within your conscious and subconscious minds all the ideas and positive characteristics of writing mentioned on the CD.

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