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BB5 Preview: Let's Psycho-Analyze the BB5 Women

It's twins, twins, and more twins.  Boy oh boy, isn't this exciting that they've somehow found several pairs of beautiful-people twins, all of which the spoilers think will be put in the Big Brother house?  Woo-ee.

But enough second-guessing excitement.  Let's pull up a chair and spend a moment discussing each of the female houseguests.

The Women

Arnold (Shapiro) didn't take any chances this time around with non-beautiful people.  He decided to go all out in the beauty and the hot-body category.  Only one woman isn't either a fitness champion, a Hollywood B-movie actress, or already has a modeling portfolio.  And the one who doesn't has that cool, alterna-chick hipness beauty. 

Will it matter if they're not capable of having an interesting, thought-provoking conversation?  It might.  This group might have such capabilities, but one must admit that the priority with this group wasn't their sparkling personalities.  Besides, all the editors have to do is find 30 seconds to a minute of material for the TV show.  All the boring crap can easily be edited out.

For all you live feed devotees, I hope I'm wrong.  I hope interesting things happen outside of the TV show.  Only time will tell.

But enough of that crap.  Let's meet the Big Brother Babes...

Adria is a super-fit super-hottie married 30-year-old who uses exclamation points a lot when she talks.  She is one-half of the mildly famous Fitness Twins (Ms. Fitness World 2000 and 2001 Champion, Book: "It Takes Two - Twin-ological Training and Nutrition with the Fitness Twins", elite training nutrition sport-conditioning and fitness facility, and Fitness Video).  According to an interview at, their greatest talent? "Our ability to motivate. It is definitely a gift we both have, and we thrive on doing so."  I'm expecting a lot of high-fives and overly-cheery "YOU CAN DO IT!" comments.

Most of the houseguests are in great shape.  They probably know how to eat healthy and how to exercise.  Will this Fitness Twin be able to step back and let someone else suggest what to eat and how to exercise?  Oooooh, the conflict!

How many times are we going to hear how Ms. FitnessTwin knows what's healthy and how to eat right and how things should be cooked and how many carbs are in this and how much unsaturated fat is in that?  How will she deal with the fact that the peanut butter she'll be forced to eat is not natural and actually contains... GASP!... 6 grams of sugar per serving?  What will she do if she has to eat WHITE BREAD?! 

And will she be able to tone down her self-promotion machine?

Speaking of which, go take a look at her site  Good stuff!

Diane is a 22-year-old budding fashion and runway actress/model wannabe who has an identical twin sister, Lindsey.  Originally from Texas, she attended Hillsboro, Ohio, High School, where she was a cheerleader and a member of the National Honor Society. She is now a senior at Northern Kentucky University studying communications. A Communications major...

22-years-old feisty cocktail waitress/actress/fashion-runway model whose favorite music is R&B, rap, hip-hop, and country (bleckh).  In her profile at, she says, "I am very active, adventurous, easy going, very forward, and I have the best sense of humor. I try to always keep life interesting." 

Already, we've hit the maximum number of clichés a person is able to use when describing themselves.  After two profiles and many pictures, I still know nothing about her.

Diane might've been the hottest girl in her high school, but when it comes to the world of actresses and modeling, she isn't quite up to that level.  She'll be nice to look at for a while, though, but I'm not expecting much in the interesting personality department.  Actually, I see potential for some ghetto 'tude that'll surely surface once she learns that one of the pretty girls has been talking trash about her.

"I KNOW you didn't just call me what I THINK you called me!"

Holly is very appropriately named after all the Hollywood blonde clichés she so very well embodies.  I don't think even the greatest actress in the world could play a ditzy blonde better than Holly; so much so, in fact, that I can't help but to think at least part of it is an act.  Over at, you can see, "Watch Holly King aka 'Gear Girl' as she attempts to describe the Racing Wheel."

And attempt was the operative word.  If she WASN'T acting, then we'll probably have whole discussion threads devoted entirely to phrases she's uttered.  But wouldn't it be impressive if she turns out to be all mensa-super-intelligent...

"I do agree with your statement, however one must presuppose the simple fact that the human species is but merely an organism..."

(See that?  Even when I TRY to sound intelligent, it just doesn't quite work, does it?)

Please, Holly!  Surprise us and be really smart.  This would go against the general American public preference, though.  For those who frequented Big Brother discussion boards when Roddy was in the house, you'll remember how so many people couldn't deal with those times when Roddy would just speak intelligence and philosophy and historical facts.  Hell, if I were in a house for 3 months and I couldn't write or read or listen to music, I'd be spewing out so much crap just to fight the boredom.

So, hopefully, Holly is just an amazing actress and Arnold got fooled into selecting someone who isn't the beautiful blonde easy-to-make-fun-of bimbo character.

But I have doubts.  I saw part of her CBS video profile on Craig Kilborne's Late Late Show.  At the time, I didn't realize they were showing the actual contestants.  I thought they were showing a sampling of the worst kind of Reality TV people in our beautiful country.  What's worse than Holly's ditz is her super-blonde-super-annoying laugh; something that I must believe is actually real and not an act.

But hey, she'll be fun, right?  And she's beautiful and she has a smokin' bod.  That's all that matters!

Jennifer is the 21-year-old restaurant hostess alterna-chick hipster who will miss her art supplies.  She likes to quote hip cool things like, "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and "Coffee is God" and watch alternative movies and remind us that she's odd.

(I should take this moment to remind all you hip, alterna-peoples that in your quest to be ODD, you become a living cliché.  Your parents know more than you think and someday it'll feel so good to not use peer pressure as a guide to life's decision-making process.)

Jennifer is one of those people that becomes more and more attractive the more you get to know her.  And this girl isn't unattractive in the least.  It's just that she's competing in the beauty department with super-hotties.  She'll be cool because she may not even shave her legs and she won't flip out if she hears a dirty joke and she won't give a crap if one of the guys sees her boobs.

I do like how Jennifer admits to be being overly judgmental.  Most people just don't admit it.  If she sticks around long enough (which she probably will because she comes across like one of those girls that guys like to hang around with and not just for sex), she'll eventually get angry at someone and be all "Yeah whatever!" judgmental but then as she comes to know this person she'll have an epiphany, of sorts, and then go off on a long diatribe about how she's discovered the secret to accepting others for what they are.  Remember that I wrote this on July 5th and refer back to this article when the live feeds posters begin documenting her mental breakthrough that is the answer to all things and possibly the solution for world peace.

Karen is a 30-year-old married portrait artist who likes to say things that she believes people will think is really cool. A few examples...

Motto: Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining
Why BB?  This competition is in my blood!
News she'll miss:  Hearing how President "Super-Genius" plans to get re-elected
How will she win?  Gonna wind that House up tighter than a bull's a** in fly season!
What she'll miss: Big Italian sausage!  Mmmm... you know what I'm sayin'?

Speaking of big Italian sausages... she also stated that she's usually with her hubby 24/7 and that this will tap her emotions hard.  Given this, if she sticks in the house more than 4-5 weeks, I predict that she'll come very close to or actually have an extra-marital fondling fling -- especially if she thinks no one can see.  Just a hunch.  I could be mistaken.

Just when you think you have in the house what some may call a "Who's met the most famous people" or "Who's accomplished the most" pecking order, with World Fitness champion Adria and Hollywood starlet Holly at the top of the heap, along comes trophy-wife-looking Karen who just so happens to be a VERY accomplished portrait artist. 

Take a look at this and prepare to be impressed: presents Artist Karen O'Neil Gancy

A few snippets from her bio:

"In 1998, Karen presented a tribute piece to the '98 Yankees at the opening of the World Series. The artwork is displayed in the player's clubhouse and is considered their good luck charm."

I can't stand the Yankees, but one must admit that there is not a more known baseball team.  And speaking of American icons...

"She had the honor of being commissioned to create a fine art representation of the Sopranos cast for the actors and their agents. Rock star Jon BonJovi has the Soprano print hanging in his home."

Jon BonJovi!!

Despite this impressive resume, my gut feeling tells me she'll be one of the first to go.  I'm not sure why, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's a combination of her being outspoken to the point of being too blunt, her missing her 24/7 husband, and her already being an accomplished artist and just being in the house increased her notoriety to the point where she doesn't really need to win.

Plus, what is an artist left to do if they have their quills and their brushes taken away?  I know...


I hope she stays in the house long, because there are few things more intense than a tortured artist.  And for a person such as myself who's had a lifelong interest in psychology, nothing could be more interesting to ponder and learn from.

Lori is THE super-hottie in the house.  The other women are attractive -- beautiful, even.  But Lori is on a different level.  Plus, she has that look that Arnold loves.  First we had Lisa, then Erika (see bottom of this article), and now it's Lori.

Her CBS bio states that she's a 26-year-old yoga instructor.  There's something about yoga that brings out the beauty in a woman.  Anytime I hear that a woman does yoga, I give her a second look.  I can't help it.  It's healthy (which means that she cares about herself and about life, in general) AND it's spiritual (which means that she cares about herself and about life, in general).

Still, I must admit that her CBS bio is a little empty.  No, not a little empty...  a LOT.  Lori is my pick to be the most NOTHING other than just being nice and a pretty face.

And a pretty face she has.  In fact, it's absolutely gorgeous...  as long as she SMILES.  When she doesn't smile, it's almost like she's a completely different person.  So, if you happen to know her, please remind her to stop doing that sexy pout thing and just smile. 

Here, go have a look for yourself.  You'll see what I mean. She has many pictures located at

So there you go.  We have several model/actress wannabes who will find themselves, possibly for the first time in their lives, not the most beautiful person in the room.  I expect a lot of sideways-glances pretend-to-be-sickly-nice jealousy, especially in the beginning.

Plus, what might turn out to be a really fascinating situation is that three, maybe four, of these five women seem to be smarter, more active, more successful, more everything than any of the guys.  How will these guys handle being totally inferior to these women?  Unless they have something resembling a brain and some personality (which Marvin might be the only one to have such things), their looks are only going to carry them as far as their vote is needed.

Could be fun!

Coming soon...

The Big Brother 5 men are psycho-analyzed and predicted upon.  

Here are pictures of Lisa and Erika -- a few examples of Arnold's favorite look.


Thank you for reading my crap!

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