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Chicago, IL


Born in Utica, New York, Andrew M. Savage currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Stephanie (who is originally from the island of Mauritius), and their two daughters, Mackenzie, 5, and Skyleur, 3. He is currently employed as an intellectual property attorney at a major Chicago law firm. Savage and his wife previously owned an import/export company in South Africa. Savage earned a Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Cincinnati.

His three favorite hobbies are rugby, cross-training and playing with his wife and kids. He describes himself as athletic, adventurous and ambitious. He is most proud of the fact that he met and married his soul mate and fathered two angelic girls. He is also proud of his brother, John, a singer/songwriter who has topped the charts on MP3 for his self-titled 1998 release, "John Savage" (a new release is due in the Fall of 2003).

His hero is Nelson Mandela because he feels he is the truest sole survivor. In Savage's words, "President Mandela outwitted, outplayed and outlasted a troubled nation decimated by racism to eventually lead the country down the path to equality." He feels he's up for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his intelligence, athleticism and ability to get along with everyone in emotionally charged situations. His birth date is July 29, 1963.

Photo, Biography, and Favorites courtesy CBS



Colors: Jaguar green
Scents: Fresh-cut grass
Flowers: Honeysuckle
Board Games: Chess
Video Games: Grand Theft Auto
Sports to Play: Rugby
Sports Teams: New Zealand All Blacks, Springboks (South Africa)
Outdoor Activities: Running, cycling, swimming, general fitness
TV Shows: The Sopranos, 24
Movies: The Sting, The Godfather
Actors: Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson
Actresses: Michelle Pfeiffer, Jody Foster
Music: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock
Magazines: Newsweek, Rugby News, Sports Illustrated
Books/Authors: Sir Jeffrey Archer
Cereals: Kellogg's Special K Red Berries
Fruits: Papaya, mango
Snack Foods: Caramel corn
Cookies: Nestle's Break-n-Bake Chocolate Chip
Candy Bars: Heath
Alcoholic Drinks: Absolut Kurant on the rocks with a twist
Non-Alcoholic: Lemon-Lime Gatorade, Spicy V8 Juice


Photos courtesy Survivor Phoenix

Let us discuss Andrew Savage

(My little disclaimer: As with all Survivor profiles, I am totally making all this stuff up as if I actually have a clue. I do not in any way know any of these survivors. However, I've received many emails from past Survivors complimenting me on my insight. So, although I make this crap up, sometimes I'm actually right.)

I don't think there have been many people more confident in their abilities than good 'ole Andrew Savage. According to him in his videos, he just does it all: he's a superior athlete, he's traveled the world, he can make friends and manipulate people, he knows what makes the ladies tick, he's strong, he's smart...

He's Mr. Everything man.

Is there anything else that can be said?

Nope. Andrew Savage does it all and does all of it well and he hasn't hesitated in the least to point this out to us.

So I need not discuss him further. But what we CAN do is discuss his smokin' wife.

And why shouldn't we? HE does, both in his profile and in the audition video (where she is clearly proud to be eye-candy status). She also reminds us that she is more than ten years younger than him, but forgets to mention that this is something Andrew insisted on being said.

She's originally from the island of Mauritius. I've never heard of this place, but I figured that since it was important enough to mention in Andrew's profile I should go take a look. Yes, it's beautiful, with luscious beaches, tropical forests, waterfalls, and gorgeous people of many different nationalities. It's on the Indian Ocean side of Southern Africa.

And isn't it wonderful that such a well-traveled, educated, athletic hunka-hunka man was able to whisk this beauty away back to the states?


Hmm... What else can I not say about Andrew...?

He promotes his brother's song at I found it at I listened to it and to be totally honest, it's a yawner. But I'm not really into that mellow-ish surf ska stuff. He's got a nice voice, but it sounded like every other song from that same genre. How I'm impressed, though, is that he convinced CBS to allow such blatant product promotion. Maybe CBS checked the song out and concluded, "Who cares if we promote it. The song stinks so it's not like it'll actually help his brother in any way."


I'm looking at Andrew's team and I'm wondering just how many hours it'll take until Andrew states, in some way or another, how completely superior he is to everyone. The problem is, I believe, for the most part, that he'd be right. Andrew's team has one thing going for it and that's Andrew, provided he doesn't become a complete asshole.

He has Darrah, the in-the-coffin-leopard-print-bikini-wearing mortician who's thinking of becoming a cosmetician. Andrew will all but ignore this girl except to be polite. He'll try very hard to stomach Lillian when she takes command of fire-building, food-gathering, and shelter designing but will never be able to get over the fact that she wore a boy scout uniform.

He'll just know that Nicole, the thinks-she's-hotter-than-she-is massage therapist, would kill to be with him. He'll respect Ostin for his strength and his manner, but just can't fathom the idea that Osten might be intelligent. Ryan O., the electrician who's held several blue collar jobs, will be tolerated but never totally accepted into his well-traveled, cultured world of expensive dinners and nice furniture.

Ryan S., the skinny computer geek -- Andrew will get Ryan S. booted when Ryan S. decides that he'd much rather play video games than work to build shelter. And Tijuana will never warm up to Andrew, so Andrew returns the favor.

So, Andrew has a chance to prove me entirely wrong. His videos and his demeanor scream arrogance (but in a very subtle way, which is a contradiction, yes, but it's true). But there's a reason why he's a success in life. If he's people-smart enough to harness and utilize each tribemate's talents, then he could very well mastermind a surprising upset. It'll be interesting to see just which he goes, because I'm thinking Andrew will be one extreme or the other -- very much liked and admired or despised and wished away by all.

Andrew Savage - Mr. Everything Man. Good luck after the merger. You'll need it.


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