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Love Letter to a Stranger

My red-eye flight was delayed and I sat in the pasty-white airport terminal long past midnight alone with my luggage and my journal. Actually, not entirely alone. Across the aisle was an attractive woman wearing white running shoes and an over-sized T-shirt tucked into the elastic of her gray sweats. It's warm, so the bottoms are rolled up to her knees displaying slightly tanned and well-toned calves. Her hair was drawn back into a ponytail - brunette, falling just below her shoulders. She appeared to be in her late 20s or early 30s and was reading a shiny new paperback that looked like it was just purchased in the gift shop. Glancing up now and then, she smiled easily at the few people that passed her.


'In my boredom, I fell in love with this comfortably dressed stranger, wishing I could learn everything about her.

"Hey, what are you writing?" She smiled at me from her seat a few feet away as I wrote that last sentence into my journal. I didn't look up right away, working first to calm my expression of delighted surprise. "Actually," I closed my journal, my finger marking the page. "I'm writing about you."

"About me?"

"Yes. You're an excellent muse."

"Hmmm… That was nice of you to say." She turned sideways in the seat to face me and pulled a leg beneath her. "To be honest, I was thinking about you, too. I once dated a writer and he was the most amazing kisser." She waited for me to look up at her and then said, "I've been wondering how you kiss." She looked away, then back with a sexy grin.'


Of course things like this happen only in movies and romance novels - never in real life. So I allowed my imagination to continue flowing onto the pages of my journal as I respond…


'You wonder how I kiss?

Do you also wonder if my touch would please you? How I would hold you? Would my eyes look at you with love? With laughter? With desire? Would you tingle as I explore your lips with mine, so lightly that it tickles in a tantalizing way?

Would we meet in our dreams? Would we wake up in each other's arms? Would I rise early just to watch you sleep? Would you feel energized around me? Would we grow together? What could you teach me? What could I teach you?

Would we have fun? Would we frolic and do cartwheels in an open field? Would we sing out loud? Turn the music up? Dance along with the shadows of the moon?

Would you cook for me? Would I cook for you? Would we cook together? Would you like how I interact with your friends? With grocery clerks, waitresses and other strangers? Would we wave to people on porches drinking lemonade?

Would we go for walks and talk about the first things that come to mind? Would we hold hands? Would you wear the wildflower I picked for you? If you could live anywhere, where would it be? The suburbs, city, country or an island all to ourselves? Could I build a treehouse?

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you prefer historical sites to natural wonders? Could we explore ancient Mayan temples? Maybe walk inside a crop circle? Could you walk nude on a beach in the Riviera? Would we swim with dolphins?

Would we listen sincerely at times to a lunatic's ranting? Would you like how I'm fascinated by what causes it? Would we help the homeless? Would we recycle?

What if we won $50 million - what would we do after we've invested traveled bought toys provided for children family and friends donated to charities? Would you laugh if I said I wanted to build a pyramid?

If I ask what you're thinking, would you always tell me? Would you insist on living together before marriage? Do you believe in love at first sight? Would we know through our eyes and in our hearts that we were meant to be?

Would we embrace change? Would we discuss religion? Would you convert me? Would we create our own? Would we search and share our inner selves so as to grow as spiritual beings? Would we always make it a point to find the moon in the midnight sky?

Would you enjoy my being passionate about many things? Would you mind if I sometimes seem crazy with optimism and youthfulness? Do you wish you had sexier feet? Would you let me comb your hair?

Would our first kiss be familiar? Would we make love for hours? Would we look up from a kiss, surprised to see the day breaking? Can we light the same candle each time we make love - knowing that over time that scent will cause us to remember?

Would you enjoy how I touch you -- while driving, walking together, doing the dishes? Would you wonder at how you can still not know quite what to expect from someone you've been with for years? Would it thrill you to know it's possible to still be happily surprised?'


Out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone walk around my row of seats. I felt her sit down behind me, lean her arm across the back of the chair and look at me over my shoulder. This time it's not my imagination.

"Hey." It's the woman in sweats - and she has a sexy grin. "What are you writing?"

© 2002 Rob Daugherty


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