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LetusPonder Column
What I Want for Christmas

- Rob Daugherty

It's almost Christmas, 2003. I usually don't make a big deal out of Christmas, but since few people reading this knows where I live, I figured I may as well share what I'd like to receive as gifts. This is sort of like hoping that wonderful psychic energy is sent out and I get a lot of presents as a result.

So yes, it's the holiday season and I am expecting gifts. Lots of them -- small, big, cheap, expensive, real, intangible -- doesn't matter. Money is always good, too. You can PayPal me directly. And just to make the gift selection easier for you, here's a list of just some of the things I'd like to receive:

  • Thick, cushy, snuggly warm socks with that anti-slip stuff on the bottom

  • A new set of drums with deep, wood shells

  • Electronic piano

  • Hypnosis Client/Guinea Pig willing to explore the mind and all its capabilities

  • Hypnotherapy office and a six-month massive promotional budget

  • Enlightenment

  • Cotton candy

  • Vegetarian options of restaurant menu items at reduced prices since the meat's been removed

  • Whole-grain bread to cost less since the good stuff isn't processed out

  • Whole-grain crust pizza

  • That feeling right after a sneeze

  • UFO sighting

  • Music of any kind (except screaming hate-the-world death metal and country twang)

  • My parents to know deep down in their hearts that I love them dearly

  • Lots of live plants

  • An ability to interior decorate

  • A win-able political third party

  • Sunshine

  • Regular walks on the beach

  • My children to be with me every day

  • My children to know in their hearts that this is what I want more than anything else

  • Adult versions of all those really cool toys kids have these days

  • More time

  • An ability to travel in time

  • (I won't ask for World Peace because everyone always asks for this)

  • Instantaneous Karma – you make fun of someone's hairy back, you get a hairy back. You murder, you die. You love, you are loved. (This way, I get World Peace without needing to ask.)

  • An eternal creative spark

  • Live comfortably just by writing, lecturing, and blabbing my thoughts

  • Ability to heal

  • That feeling of taking off in a jet airliner

  • Mexican food

  • That feeling of the first kiss

  • A recording studio

  • A treehouse

  • A pyramid as large as The Great Pyramid

  • An island

  • Atlantis to be proven to have really existed

  • A conversation with Krishna, Jesus, and Mohammed so all this religious confusion can finally be cleared up once and for all

  • Better memory

  • Judicial system with REAL psychics as jurors - no more lawyers, no more lies, just "Innocent" or "Guilty"

  • Special roads that are available to rent so you can drive as fast as possible without fear of a speeding ticket

  • The life of a squirrel - just for a few days

  • To exude Love and, more importantly, for everyone to feel this Love

  • People to be able to see the chain of events they set off when they do something good or bad

  • Wisdom

  • Peace

  • Nothing

That should be a start. I hope this was helpful


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