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Smooth Silky Things

someday someone is going to demonstrate to the skeptics and the doubters
the inter-relationships between the crazy things
the sane things, scientific things, religious things
things things
shall we interrogate the intermissions, the internal combustion engine
and just what is an interrobang?!! interpret please
inter-relationships and interpretations
isn't that what it's all about? intercourse, verbal and other
is there a connection between all things supposedly not
when we die and begin to rot, no more snot, in a plot
will we see, hear, and feel from a distance
smooth silky threads of consciousness interwoven
spirituality and the metaphysical world tied with science
in such a way that neither exists without reliance
will we find extra-terrestrials and religion sharing a bit o'history
historical writings of heaven, intuition, sex, angels, saints, ancients
ancient archaeology, pyramids, mounds, carvings, crop circles
circles, triangles, geometry, math, science, physics, protons, electrons, atoms
atom bomb, quantum theory, particle theory, particle waves, ocean waves
microwaves, x-rays, radio waves, waves from speakers, audible frequencies
sound of the voice, sound causing feelings, feeling blue, rainbows
sun's light reflecting off water particles creating beautiful color formations in the sky
skylight, light waves, light, "I am the light and the way," Jesus, healers
healing with love and light, doctors, medical establishment, diseases
cures, the placebo effect, mind over matter, meditation, belief
belief in the unknown and the unseen, prayer
interwoven silky threads of consciousness

is there a connection between all things supposedly not
have you ever, while walking in the forest
found your face covered with a spider's web
those silky threads
you did not see

Bad Poetry 2002 Rob Daugherty

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