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Roses can open in the darkness

Roses can open in the darkness
Of the night
Hoping she might
Love them and thus

Another creature - desire awakens
A need to taste - a craving
For succulence and beauty

Leaving stubborn stems and
Misplaced petals
On your kitchen table
In the morning light

Luck shines in mysterious ways
Overheard, your girl did say,
"Roses - a thoughtless
generic, copycat gesture."
Oh why, oh why
Did thou fret and fester.
'tis Roses she doth not desire
instead, money, music
and candle lit afire

Luck shines - oooh dangerous changes
Death looms, a cat's hair
Fire rearranges
Overheard, your girl did cry,
"Why, oh why did doth arouse
a flame with an attempt to douse
with alcohol.
High in the sky flames did fly."
She sighed.
The feline spirit leaves in a final
Hot air gasp.

I am depressed.

The ceiling - forgets let me not
A charcoal stain it was so hot
A reminder of romance lost
Of a feline gone pyro
Scorched, torched
And burned all to hell.

Roses can open in the night
In the darkness hoping she might
Smell only that which blooms
And not the roasted cat smell
Filling the room.

:: fingers snapping ::

Bad Poetry © 2002 Rob Daugherty

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