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LetusPonder Columns

10/18/05 The Ten Commandments - What They SHOULD Be

12/27 Do You REALLY Want World Peace?

10/15 Support Ribbon Overload Awareness

7/18 The Ultimate Guide to Kissing - Part 2: The First Kiss
(Pure romance - the best lesson you may ever receive)

7/7 Part 1: The Bad Ways to Kiss
(A humorous exploration into all the different ways people kiss badly)

4/19 Do You Truly
Get Over Your First Love?

3/1 Which Drunk are You?

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Short Stories

by Rob Daugherty

Welcome and thank you for the interest!

Cold Soup From a Can
This is based on a true experience. A most memorable encounter.
Love Letter to a Stranger
An intriguing stranger - a fertile imagination. This story and these questions will definitely spark conversation... and maybe even more.
'Twas but a Kiss
Oh my gosh! What a wonderful memory. I was young and totally enamored. Even as a high school punk, I had my moments of a romantic.
A true story that took place in a small Missouri town.

Through Time: Past Loves Past Lives
What if you could Time Travel to a past life to see not only yourself but a lover - someone you also happen to know in THIS life? This story offers an imaginative twist on the theme.
The Celebration
What would happen if your thoughts and fears became real? (A short story with a Halloween theme.)
Thanks for Nothing
What might happen should someone actually have a conversation with the lone guru perched atop a perilous mountain?
The Life of a Vegetarian in a Meat-Eating World
A fun story for vegetarians and the vegetarian-curious. This provides many possible responses to the always-asked question; "Why don't you eat meat?"
Questions and Conversation Starters
This really isn't a short story. You could have some fun with this. Print it out and the next time youíre with someone or a group of friends, suggest, "I have an article full of questions. Letís agree to answer EVERY question in at least 3-5 paragraphs of your choice."

If you like these stories, then come back again or email me. I'm working on a book that's a laugh-out-loud spiritual psychological thriller for both children and adults. And you should especially check out my LetusPonder Columns.

Life is good.
- Rob.

Index of Bad Poetry

I am not a poet. In fact, I really suck. But sometimes I can't help but to break the rules of form and function and just write words and order them how I please.

Notice how hip I am to use the black background.

Smooth Silky Things

Roses Can Open in the Darkness

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