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Develop the Characteristics of a Healthy,
Naturally Thin Person

  • Lose 1 to 3 Pounds Each Week
  • Achieve and Maintain your Natural and Ideal Weight
  • Be in control of your Eating Habits
  • Become Motivated to Exercise

$18.98 + s&h
Discounts Available

This CD combines the nutrition principles of Dr. Tanya Zilberter, one of the most respected nutrition and diet consultants on the web today, with the Whole-Mind technology developed by Rob Daugherty.

As you become more aware of these characteristics of a healthy, naturally thin person, you will acquire more and more of them over time. Soon, it snowballs. You won't even realize that your desire for sweets has all but disappeared. You'll discover new, healthy foods. Your taste buds are heightened since sugars and preservatives no longer dull your palette. Thus, you'll begin to crave natural and live foods. You'll crave water. You'll crave the healthy feeling of being fit, of having muscle tone.

Some people can do this on their own. Others need a little push. The Forever Slim CD gives people that little push and helps them stay on the right track.

Corridors to Creativity

Created Specifically for Writers by A Writer

  • Eliminate writer's block
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Notice the ideas and the inspiration that exists all around you as you are filled with a continual stream of new ideas and positive writing behaviors

Because proven psychological techniques are utilized in conjunction with hypnosis, the changes are profound. In addition to these techniques, the most respected writer's sources were researched and are reaffirmed throughout this session. And to take it one step further, the benefits of this session will continue long after listening to this CD.

$18.98 + s&h
Discounts Available

Freedom to Fly

Not only does this session create a sensation of flying - safely while in complete control - but it also serves to stimulate greater health and healing in addition to improving one's abilities to "see," to perceive things clearly, and for some, even improving their clairvoyance. Because this session so thoroughly strengthens those connections between the conscious and the subconscious mind, all the recognized benefits of meditation are magnified and accelerated and soon the listener is able to achieve deep meditative states on their own.

$18.98 + s&h
Discounts Available

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Forever Slim and Corridors to Creativity   

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Corridors to Creativity and Freedom to Fly   

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Many people approach hypnosis with trepidation, "I could never let anyone have that control over me." "Oh no, I don't want to bark like a dog. I do not want someone to have access to my innermost thoughts." This is understandable given how hypnosis has been presented on TV and in the movies.

At the same time, it's become universally accepted that meditation is beneficial in a surprisingly large number of ways. Everyone knows that meditation is good for you. The challenge that many face is that they don't have the time or they don't feel they can focus their mind for one minute let alone a half-hour.

One of the most popular forms of meditation is the Guided Meditation. With this, instead of sitting in silence and trying to focus and still the mind, people listen to someone guide them through the mechanics of meditation, often taking them on wonderful imagined journeys of the mind. Even for those quite skilled in meditation, the guided meditation is often the most enjoyable while also yielding the greatest positive results.

Returning to the concept of hypnosis, in the last 10 to 20 years, hypnosis research has shifted into understanding why professional therapists have obtained superior results with clients. Moreover, a greater and greater understanding of the mind and specific communication techniques has led hypnosis to be utilized as an extremely effective means of exploration and therapy.

This is called Advanced Hypnosis and Guided Imagery in that it marries the latest hypnosis research with known meditation techniques. But this CD takes the concept of marrying these even further - further than any that exists on the market.

Throughout the Guided Meditation, using a most beautiful female voice, positive affirmations and positive hypnotic suggestions are layered on top of the actual session in the left, right, and center channels. This helps create a mild state of confusion which, in addition to various dissociation techniques, have been proven to enhance communication to the subconscious. By communicating with both the left and right hemispheres of the brain directly, the creative and logical portions are stimulated and thus a "whole-mind" experience is created. Add to this intriguing metaphors and stories which appeal to all senses and you take meditation to a new level of thought.

And then, above all of this, there exists the music. Extreme thought and care went into the selection of this music and after an exhaustive search, the band Transoceanic was found. This CD doesn't just play the music in the background. The guided meditation was written with the music in mind, allowing the music to enhance the experience and contribute to and interact with the images and feelings brought about by the words.

It is for all these reasons that this CD can easily lay claim to being the most advanced, the most beneficial Guided Meditation CD on the market.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the world of...

- Rob Daugherty

Please feel free to visit to listen first before purchasing. The entire Freedom to Fly and a 5 minute sample of Corridors to Creativity are available to listen for free. There is no need for an mp3 player. All you need is the ability to listen to streaming music on your computer (which are available for free if you don't already have one).

I should note, however, because this utilizes sophisticated sound technology, it is best listened to with headphones and ideally from the CD and not in mp3 format as some of the fidelity is lost.

Coming soon: Detailed explanations of the psychology of the CDs and how it works in conjunction with hypnosis. exact transcripts of the CDs NOW AVAILABLE at

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments: Email

Thank you for your interest

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Written and Produced by Rob Daugherty
With Special Thanks to Song for her beautiful voice
and to Transoceanic for the perfect music

Forever Slim cover photography --

I would also like to thank the renowned author, hypnotherapist, teacher and gentleman, Terrance Watts (, for allowing me to excerpt one of his many excellent hypnosis scripts.

Made with 1st Page 2000 - Professional tools for real minds.


I sent the CDs to a handful of professional writers and asked them to critique it and share their experiences...

Jolie Kenney from "Ask Jes" fame and Editor/Webmaster of Feedback for Thought sent this response:


Hmmm, I'm not sure what kind of review you would like for me to write. Did you want a recap or a testimonial? Did you just want my personal feedback?

Btw, I'm so impressed with your CDs that I've become addicted to them already. I have a helluva time relaxing and sleep (deep sleep) is a rarity. I listen to your voice, the music, Song's echo-ing and I find that I not only transform into a noodle, I also do something I oft forget: BREATHE.

I've tried traditional forms of meditation before (focus only on an apple and nothing else, etc.) and I've missed the yoga classes I'd attend when living at the beach (the instructor used his voice to narrate much like your CDs so that the yoga experience was refreshing and rejuvenating vs. exhilarating and aerobic.) You've managed to blend both AND toss in the power of subliminal suggestion to achieve more than any technique I've tried before. Hey, I might just've given you your review. ;-)

I've been a non-fiction writer for the past 6 years. I've often pondered writing different genres but I've never been successful at putting a work of fiction together. I didn't know where to start. After listening to "Corridors to Creativity" something just came to me and for the first time in six years, I've started writing in an area I never thought I could do. Thank you, Rob!"

Nan, a very talented writer known for her Journaling ideas and Journaling Workshop (Inspired to Journal,, Native Landscape), emailed me the following response:

"Well, I fell asleep! Is that good?! ROFL!!

Seriously, I love the presentation. Your voice is soothing yet definitive. Your voice also exuded confidence, but not conceit. It was very interesting. Song's voice is... the perfect complement, and the music is fabulous! The total package is very... hypnotic! lol

The feeling I got was of being in a dream (that was before I was snoozing!). I pay careful attention to my dreams, and this seemed like another early morning trip into the subconscious. The way you described the doors and corridors felt like a dream - sort of surreal. It was great.

Just wanted to let you know my initial impressions. I am so relaxed, the tension in my upper back is gone. Wow..."

Susan Schechter, a published poet and semi-professional Wall Street Journalist who is currently working on both a novel and a play, emailed me this response:

"I have listened to Corridors to Creativity, over this long weekend when I had a mild case of writer's block. I closed my eyes and let Rob's soothing voice work it's magic. His voice, accompanied by Song's mellifluous voice are amazing. Not only was I able to finish my article, I was also able to look at a chapter of the novel I am writing that I had been struggling with and was able to re-edit it clearly. Thanks Rob!

As for Freedom to Fly, I love this CD. I have been listening to it almost daily. The other day driving into work, I did see a large bird and was reminded of all the positive suggestions and that exhilarating freedom I felt as I imagined myself flying. . I have been sleeping more soundly, and yes, I know my eyesight has also improved a bit, The voices are gorgeous - quite soothing. The music is among the nicest I've heard and ranks right up there with Mike Oldfield or Vangelis. It provides the perfect backdrop for the voices and the thoughts and images I'm guided to explore."

Coming soon: Detailed explanations of the psychology of the CDs and how it works in conjunction with hypnosis. Also coming are the exact transcripts of the CDs.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments: Email

Thank you for your interest


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